The Complete Art Moki Supply List

Art Moki product selections provide affordable quality materials that are designed to broaden creative choice. For example, our watercolor set has a limited palette with cool and warms of each color to better teach color mixing. The color pencil set we selected enables shading through layering and controlling the pressure applied, rather than a softer colored pencil that blends by smudging, replicating the experience of soft chalk pastels. Paper type and quality are also instrumental to a project’s success.

Listed below are all the supplies your child will need to take any Art Exploration and Fine Art Fundamentals series plus our recommendations. To get a list of supply needs for a specific series, go to the series’ webpage.

You may adjust your purchases based on your budget and needs. Contact us if you have any questions about supplies or possible substitutions.

General Supplies

Hardboard Panel – Required for stretching all art papers. Substitute with any hard, flat surface roughly 16″x20″ large.

Masking Tape – Tape used to stretch paper to board. 3/4 inch by 60 yards recommended.

Art Paper

Different types of paper suit different media. Our online art classes use three types.

Watercolor paper (13-14″ x 17-19″ in size, purchase by pad or single sheet)

Tinted pastel paper (13-14″ x 17-19″ in size, purchase by pad or single sheet)

  • Pad (purchase 18″x24″ in size and tear in half for projects)  –  Blick  –  Amazon
  • Sheet (purchase 19″x25″ in size and tear in half for projects)  –  Blick-Strathmore (any tint)

Bristol vellum drawing paper (13-14″ x 17-19″ in size, purchase by pad or single sheet)


Graphite Pencil

Charcoal Pencils

Black Ink – A variety of tools easily found at home will be used with black ink.

Oil Pastels

Chalk Pastels

Tracing Paper – Fine Art Fundamentals students only. Okay to substitute with computer paper.

Colored Pencils


Pan watercolors

Watercolor palette

Soft paint brushes  –  Ikea  –  Amazon

Water cup for rinsing brushes

Squirt bottle  –  Blick

Paper towels