Make Every Summer Activity More Creative

Using creativity to add awareness and fun to your summer and summer camps. This year families are planning to return to a summer of more familiar routines. The first priority is filling your child’s schedule with activities, coordinating with friends and matching summer camps to your child’s interests. Will it be a sports camp, art camp, or theatre camp?  The options are truly endless. This year may bring different challenges as some offerings of years past may have [...]

By |May 26, 2021|Creativity|

Ten Things Kids Need to Learn in Art Class

Creativity can’t be taught . . .  and can be exercised or not. Children are often taught to follow – within school, families and activities. Learning by following  maintains order and is useful in teaching large groups but is far from a creative process. Copying someone else’s art teaches children how to follow. Projects that allow students to use their creativity result in projects that look different from one another. The art materials and inspiration for a project [...]

By |February 26, 2021|Creativity|
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