Complete Art Moki

Supply Kit


The supply kit includes everything your child needs to begin exercising creativity and making art at home.

Quality art materials of good value have been specially selected for these classes because we know better supplies and tools improve the outcome of art making and broaden creative choice. Limited palettes of specific colors teach color mixing and are preferred over a palette with many colors. Paper type and quality are also instrumental to a project’s success. 

Parents are also welcome to source their own materials. We compiled supply lists for your convenience. The recommended items can be found on the series page.

Complete Kit* Includes:

Art bin
16″x20″ hardboard
Masking tape
Mirror to reflect artwork
Color wheel
Glue stick
Liquid Glue
Paper (20 assorted sheets)
Tracing paper
Composition templates
Ebony pencil

Colored pencils
Black & white charcoal pencils
Vine charcoal
Black ink
Condiment cups (3x)
Ink Tools (brush, fork, two sticks)
Oil pastels
Chalk pastels
Hairspray fixative
Small water cup

Soft brush set
Craft brush
Acrylic paint
Acrylic brushes
Palette knife
Palette paper
Pan watercolors
Tube Watercolors
Watercolor brushes
Watercolor palette
Squeeze bottle

*The Complete Art Moki Supply Kit covers all fine art supplies for Art Exploration and Fine Art Fundamentals series. For some projects, kids will need to supplement the kit with supplies easily found at home like child scissors, salt, wax paper, etc.

Advanced Exploration students will enjoy the Complete Supply Kit, but may need other supplies.

Email to purchase.